Sitting outside on the palm was such a dreamy way to spend a Friday afternoon! We arrived at Seagrill Bistro to a beautiful set up with gorgeous views of Dubai Marina,  ready to review their new brunch package. I was excited to be seated outside now the weather is getting better. Sipping mimosa’s under palm trees is definitely my idea of paradise! 


 - Gorgeous location with both indoor and outdoor seating at Fairmont The Palm
 - Views of the water and the marina.
 - Very welcoming staff! Our waiters were so attentive, they were really wonderful.

Food: Since I love seafood, I really was in heaven when they brought out a full fish platter to begin with. Oysters, raw salmon and fresh crab were all highlights. If you’re not a seafood lover like me, there were plenty more starts shortly after, and I must highlight the Burrata cheese, which was super creamy without being too heavy. I also found I kept going back for more of the foie gras crumble - it came with a crunchy, fruity layer on the top which was so more-ish. 
Before the mains arrived, I heard two women to my right saying how great the mushroom fusilli pasta is, so I made sure to try it straight away - they were definitely right! The other mains were included roasted chicken with vegetables, or a lovely light sea bass dish. 
The star of the dessert menu had to be the chocolate cake, which they cut off a huge piece for each diner at the table. All in all, I don’t think there is a bad word to say about the food. 

Alcohol: There is an open bar, with tasty cocktails available. I was impressed by the wine for this brunch and although we drank quite a lot across the four hours, the brunch was still a calm and civilised affair. 

Info: Served between 12.30pm and 4.00pm every Friday, AED 345 per person for soft beverages and AED 495 with alcoholic beverages. Adults only.
[I found this in my drafts a year later! so decided to post it]

I feel like a million things have changed since I wrote my last vibe blog post.

This month has been amazing actually, a total mixed bag of stuff. I left my job and for the past few weeks have made the effort to spend time with every single person I care about. Which is a lot of really amazing people and I really appreciate them all.

This may well be the most 'hippy bullshitty' type vibe I've ever felt but I also think its quite a wholesome and healthy vibe. I would like you to feel this vibe with me, make time to hang out with your favourite people as if you're moving to another country in 6 days ( like I am ?! ).

I think it's important to make time for your favourite people, they'll appreciate the effort you make, and if they're a friend worth having they'll make the effort back.

Another thing which has disrupted my life, my phone - eg my LIFE - was stolen from me last Sunday, the day before I was boarding a flight to Spain. So although that was a total pain, especially with all the e-tickets I had on there, and the long journey I had to endure without my Apple Music, it was also quite refreshing. Spending a few days in a small town in Spain with the sun and my thoughts and was so relaxing. I managed to sleep ten hours straight at night, and if you know me you'll know what a triumph that is because I have horrible insomnia. Definitely a nice way to relax before my whole life changes. I think its funny that my phone was taken from me JUST after having a conversation with my friend about the amount of time I spend on it a day - we downloaded that app called Moment and it told me I'd looked at the screen of my phone for 4 hours that day. 4 fucking hours!!! In a way, it came at a good time.


If you've seen my last blog post you'll have read how much I'm vibing the kitten heel. I'm also on a mission to find a midi skirt that actually suits me - keep an eye out for a blog post coming up. My other fave things I've been vibing this month are my new Quay sunnies from Kylie's range, my snakeskin jacket from my old place of work I Saw It First, dad trainers, and interesting white shirts.


I feel like we have been blessed with films recently! I've basically lived at the cinema. One film that really stands out however is I, Tonya. I LOVED this film, I love Margot Robbie, I think she's extremely talented and this really proved that.
Another film I'd definitely recommend is Ladybird. A lot of my friends saw this and also really enjoyed it. Its kinda quirky, lots of relatable moments in it too. I loved the bits where the main character was delving into Am-dram, got me nostalgic for when I spent my time doing weird voice exercises and acting games.


Can you remember a time before we had unlimited music streaming? How weird that once upon a time we couldn't listen to absolutely anything in the world. Having this power is probably the best thing EVER, especially if youre like me and cant decide what kind of music you like.


Me and gen went for a super tasty VEGAN BURGER ( im so behind on the vegan thing I really didnt trust it but honestly it was so good!

Not vibing:
The whole concept of 'playing devils advocate'
people that talk about doing stuff but then never do it
Snapchat RIP

Before I even start I need to shout out OAC Photography for this shoot. Check out Olivia's photography instagram at @oac__photography.

First from Pretty Little Thing I got this Black Extreme Crop Top. I knew exactly what my mum would say when she saw this top. When I'd say "What do you think?" she'd then reply "Yeah nice!!"..... "What is it?" And I was right that's exactly what she said. Well, practicality is definitely not the point mum. It just looks cool okay?
What I love about this is you can add it to sooo many different strapless outfits to instantly add the extreme crop trend. This would look amaze with a bandeau dress plus you keep warm walking back from the club.

This little Bandeau Buckle Top went perfectly and kind of ties into the corset-style trends I love as well. It also comes in black which is gorgeous but I think pale pink is more me. Plus I put my red sock boots on and you know my favourite colour combo is pink and red.

Ripped jeans are just an absolute essential and although I'm lowkey terrified of ordering jeans online without trying them on, I thought these ones fit really nice. Although described as Super Distress Mom Jeans they didnt look particularly 'Mom-ish' on me but I liked them anyway. These are the jean that you could wear anywhere, and dress a million ways.

I think every single outfit of mine recently features a statement earring and I'm not even sorry. These are also Pretty Little Thing although they've just sold out, they're's loads similar. I though these fitted the vibe quite well and added a bit extra glam to the outfit, since for once I'm not wearing sunglasses.

In other news, make sure you check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I have just posted my first ever vlog! If you fancy a nosy into my move to Dubai. Thanks for reading! xxx

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