DIY: Miu Miu Inspired Ballet Pumps

Ballet pumps usually cringe me out completely because they remind me of either school shoes or when girls used to wear their leggings half way down their feet and pair them with cheap colourful ballet pumps and a ra-ra skirt (or was that just me when I was like 8??) Recently they've had a bit of a makeover, along with a rise in ballerina-inspired clothing. Lots of tulle and mesh dresses, and have made a huge comeback, and now the ballet-pump is combining with the trend of lace-up clothing to make a shoe I'd actually really like to wear. The ribbon style has leaked into heeled shoes as well which I absolutely love. Some daring examples from Miu Miu, along with some high street examples here:

Left to right: @pernilleteisbaek in Miu Miu BallerinasMiu Miu heeled pumps Sam Edelman satin flats, Urban Outfitters ballet pumps.

Being me (frugal af) I decided to fashion my own pair - although I'm really really tempted to buy the heels from Miss Selfridge. I bought these pumps from Primark for just £6, and ordered 4 metres of 15mm thick dusty pink ribbon. I then just cut out the elastic from the shoes, and threaded the ribbon through the loop at the back of the shoe. I used around 1.75m on each shoe because I wanted them nice and long. I then tied the shoes at the front but really they'd look cute tied wherever! 

I'm really pleased with them! Especially since they only cost me around £8. Im considering doing a black pair as well, since they're so wearable and go with so much. And to finish here's a hilarious TBT of me sporting ballet flats as a child:

Thank you for reading xxx

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