Accessorize SS17 Lookbook

Hi everyone! So the new season is in full swing now so I thought I'd show all my favourite pieces from Accessorize in this mini lookbook!

Starting off with this absolutely beautiful leather backpack.. I'm literally obsessed with this bag! Metallic leather is one of Accessorize's specialities atm and this mini backpack is perfect to make an ordinary outfit look more high fashion. This is one of those "omg wheres your bag from?!" bags.

To match the silver theme of this look, I went with plenty and plenty on rings from the sterling silver collection. This collection has some really pretty pieces in right now and they can be worn with every outfit. Loooooove it.

This next look is not your average spring look, as it features typically autumnal shades such as burgundy and khaki. These happen to be some of my fave colours so I'm all for wearing them year-round. 

After falling in love with this bag already - and you'll know this if you follow me on instagram since it's in pretty much every post - I added this mini version which is actually the cutest thing ever. The small the better when it comes to bags this spring so I've got my eye on a few (smaller bags are cheaper too, win/win!).

Every day is a choker day. The bracelets and chokers are from the corresponding jewellery collection and are all matchy. These little black flats with the scalloped edges are also super simple but cuuuute!

This last ensemble was a bit more dressy, mostly black and gold. These earrings were featured in Look magazine and since then I've been loving them! 

I've added two black bracelets and a really teeny tiny necklace to this outfit as it's all about the earrings. These geometric bangles are another piece which you could basically wear everyday this season. 

 The final piece of this lookbook is this amazing leather clutch, covered in gold and white sequins. It's a magical bag which changes to black and white when you swipe the sequins, also big enough to fit a pair of flip flops in for when your feet hurt on the way home. What more do you need in a clutch?

Thanks so much for reading! xx


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