Hair Makeover at Bang Hair York

Hi everyone! So if you have me on snapchat then you'll have seen already, that last week Bang gave me a bit of a makeover!

BEFORE / T-shirt: Urban Outfitters / Photo by Jonathon Cotton
A brief history of my hair: Underneath it all I am a medium-dark brunette, although I've been getting blonde highlights for years and years, and I usually go for a golden colour. Fairly recently, I've been introduced to the wonder that is silver shampoo (!) and also went a pale pink colour over Christmas. And as you'll know I've always had it long and always hated getting a trim, but by this time the ends were pretty dead - serves me right for the bleach over the years. 

The transformation took two parts: the colour and the cut. Tino, an advanced colour technician at Bang Bishy Road did my colour and started by bleaching the blonde in my hair, and then going again with the root. Bang use L'oreal Smartbond - which they explained to me will help keep your hair strong and shiny while it's being coloured - exactly what I need! The Smartbond is a two-step system, so after the colour was washed off, it was time for step two to neutralise it. Once my hair was completely covered and left to sit, it was washed off and underneath I was super bright blonde! I definitely did a double take when I walked past the mirror, but Tino told me it's all going to plan (right after telling me I look like slim shady!) This is because the next step is the magical process of toner. 

In total it took three toners to take it the colour to the cool-toned grey that it is now. A pre-toner, a toner and then when I came back for the cut, Sarah decided it was best to put on another. Going through this whole process was eye-opening; it's a big job going from brunette to blonde or from golden blonde to silvery grey. John and Sarah, the directors of Bang York, both agreed that most people don't realise how much time and skill it takes to go from colour to colour, and the fashionable colours of right now, such as the silver and grey look, are very hard to maintain.

Bang also advised me on the aftercare of my new colour and gave me some products to help me look after it - especially on holiday. The products are featured in the snapchat video and links at bottom of this post, and there will be a haircare post to follow. 

Sarah, who is the head stylist of Bang, gave me an amazing haircut to complete the transformation. The overall look of the cut is a blunt, collar-bone length cut, although she told me that adding layers to the just the bottom half of the hair gives it more texture and movement while the layers remain invisible. She styled it with wavy curls which I absolutely loved - such a nice change from always wearing it long and straight!

AFTER / Sweatshirt: Bershka / Photo by Jonathon Cotton
I couldn't recommend the service at Bang enough - this really is a team who know what they're doing! Every member of staff I met was really friendly and the experience was so much fun. I'm so pleased with my new hair, cannot WAIT to show it off on holiday in Bali! 

Don't forget to follow Bang on instagram @banghairyork for all the hair goals inspo! 

Products in snapchat video:
L'oreal Silver Shampoo
L'oreal 10 in 1 Spray
Kerastase Soleil UV Defense Masque

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