If you and your friends have been planning outfits for weeks/months and everyone has gone all out, difficult to differentiate yourself from the rest of the year. I think when it comes to prom its easy to just go with what you imagine you want your prom dress to be like growing up, like your princess moment. I think that was the case for me when I was leaving secondary school, but now that I'm over that I'm looking for a graduation dress with a bit more style rather than being just "nice". That's what's gonna make you stand out from the crowd when everyone is dressed up.

So I know it's getting that time of year again when the run up to school proms begin. I remember spending literally 6 months planning my prom outfit when I was 16, and I was gutted I didn't have a sixth form prom like some of you might be! BUT I have got something just as good (when I say that, I mean a formal event I can actually dress up for - we all know I'm extra affff) which is my graduation ceremony in July! And so, I thought I'd compile a lil list of my top dresses. 

These two are from Missguided and I put both colours on here just because they're both beaut really. And yes, they have ruffles on them, I'm so sorry I'm always going on and on about ruffles this season.

Don't be scared of a colourful dress like this one from Topshop. Your class will be full of pale pinks, baby blues, grey and navy dresses. Pink is one of my two favourite colours to wear for SS17 so go all out fuschia.

Yes yes yes I just bitched a lil about pale pink dresses. but this one is stunning and looks way more expensive than it is (H&M btw). If you go for this one, please wear it with dewy minimal make up and wet look hair. Also I feel like you could wear this dress again on holiday with sandals? Better than sticking it straight on Depop.

 If you do this culotte thing for your prom then you're automatically cooler than everyone else at the event, that's just how it is I don't make the rules. These are from Zara so get them while you can, with this silky vest tucked in the front from H&M you'd look hella chic.

My next favourite colour rn has got to be bright orange. It's summery and much easier to wear than you might think. This one is Asos and bonus points for frills. 

Another one from Asos - it's asymmetric, it's got mesh, it's got frills and a bow detail. Combining the trends will make you stand out even more. I'd say this dress doesn't need anything else adding to the look, so a good one to go for if you don't want to spend much on accessories.

This dress is also a mash up of recent trends, and I wouldn't usually look at this and think "prom" but maybe that's why it's such a good option from Topshop. Embellish the shit out of your accessories, lie in a bath tub or a in a vintage car and your prom photos will look like spread in a magazine.

Okay this could possibly be a sneak preview of my graduation outfit because I actually love it. White prom dresses are risky because you don't want to look bridal but this looks way more red carpet. The label is Lioness, but I came across it on Who What Wear if you're wondering.

Last but not least is this jumpsuit from Mango. Usually navy cringes me out but I just really liked this. I'd definitely leave the detachable straps off and maybe go for some like mustard or fuschia heels or really extra hair do. 

Thank you for reading! x

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