There's something about seeing luxury make up on display that I can't resist and I'm pretty sure no girl is immune to the powers of a Space NK?! So on Friday evening, before the She Loves York Fashion show event, I visited the Space.NK in York centre for a glam/glowy make-over. The wonderful Chloe did my make-up who is also manager of the store, my face was in very capable hands and I really loved how the look came out for the event!

So started with the eyes, we used Laura Mercier brow dimension on my brows which was so easy. It took no time at all to do which was great and I really liked the finish. So the common theme for eyes seemed to be go for Laura Mercier products - which is just one of amazing make up brands that are stocked in store. 

1. Use a brightening eye primer. We used this one. I've used eye primers before, so this wasn't a huge shock. What surprised me was that we used one that shows up bright blue on your eyelids - and we were going for a rose gold look. But it makes since because your skin isn't exactly a blank base, so having a really bright canvas underneath is perfect to make the colours pop.

2. Eyeshadow sticks are the best. While I was there, we used two which were this Laura Mercier Caviar Stick and the By Terry Ombre Blackstar. By Terry is a brand that is new to me but both of these products went on like a dream and had some serious staying power. Even with a make up wipe at the end of the day they barely budged!

3. Blush that isn't just a blush. Adding your blush collection to your choices of eyeshadows  is perfect for when you want to add a nice warm colour to the crease. Chloe chose Nars Dolce Vita which blended really well with the rose gold eyeshadow sticks.

4. Tightline your waterline with a jet black eyeliner. I know what you're thinking - that sounds like something you did in your goth phase in year 8. I actually mean the waterline of your top lashes. This makes your eyes much more defined even without liquid liner and can close that annoying gap between your lid and the start of your mascara.

5. The product which can conceal anything. So rather than use just any concealer, Chloe showed me this amazing product by Kevin Aucoin. So it's a multitask product called the sensual skin enhancer but it's basically pure pigment, which makes for an amazing concealer. In an ideal world I'd about 5 of these in different shades and just paint the perfect face on top of mine, since they  can be mixed with the primer also in the range as foundation. 

We used the hourglass foundation which I had heard beauty bloggers talking about so was really keen to try. After this makeover, Hourglass products pretty much went to the top of my wishlist, they have most beautiful bronze finishing powder (and lots of other beautiful shades) which I also tried and seriously it was making me question my love for hoola - that's saying a lot. 

6. Stop using a brush for your powder. You may have read in my other post that my latest make up purchase was the Laura Mercier loose powder. Chloe showed me how I should really be using it, which is with a powder puff! She explained that it's easy to lose product using a brush and with the powder puff it can all just be held inside, and then to apply you just press it onto the face. 

We finished off the look with a Becca Highlighter in Opal - you've probably heard about it's sister Champagne Pop - and these are definitely worth the hype. To set the look she used the Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray, and I love me some setting spray. I'm also drawn to products with "illuminating" in the name (same goes for "glowy") and it did not disappoint! 

So these are just a few of the things I learnt from the team in store. These ladies are seriously a fountain of beauty knowledge! I'd really recommend going in for a chat if you're stuck about anything of even if you just want to check out all the BEAUTIFUL Hourglass products. Don't forget this was all snapchatted live so if you want to be first to see what's going on then make sure you've added me (Snapchat: mabelbug). Thank you for reading! xxx

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