As part of York Fashion City's Six Days of Style events, Betty's hosted a beauty display featuring products and tips and tricks from Space NK yesterday evening. I feel like if you're going to a beauty event you gotta make a bit off effort on your make up so I went for a more colourful eye look than normal.

It all started with a glass of prosecco (the start to every good story) and afternoon tea themed canap├ęs like macaroons and scones. If you've been to Betty's before then you'll know the space and service is of a really high standard. We were gin tasting and perfume sampling, and then got settled into the presentation by Space NK.

Starting with skincare, we were shown the highlights of what's on offer at the moment. The stars of show was definitely the Rodial Snake Mask. This is the black on you see everywhere that peels off and takes with it all the imperfections on your face.
The ladies explained the uses of all the products, did a demo on a model and allowed everyone to try products for themselves. Some of the products used were natural and some had a lot of science behind their uses, and they covered everything from lip plumpers to neck cream. 

Space NK would be a great place to stop by if you're unsure about your skin's needs or your skincare routine needs updating. They actually stock over 85 brands, and what's great is that because of this, they're not loyal to one or another - this basically means they can give you a straight answer and real advice rather than trying to sell you just anything. They also offer complimentary consultations and workshops about a particular area you might not feel confident with.

What was most impressive about the evening was the knowledge of the lovely Space NK team. These ladies know a hell of a lot about skin care! And you could easily tell they were expert make up artists as they practised techniques of two different styles on two models. Luxury make up is something I love to drool over so it was really fun to see them live in action. The products which definitely got my attention were the Cover FX Enhancer Drops - I'd never actually seen them in person until now, just on lots and lots of Instagram videos, and yes they are as amazing in real life - and the Hourglass Lighting Blush. Hourglass is a brand I'd never heard of until very recently when I saw it in one of Hannah Renee's Youtube vids, and its got a pretty weighty price tag but the quality of the products are really stunning to try out. 

Once the demos were all done, Space NK stayed open for some personal shopping along with champagne. There really is nothing like posh make up so I was basically in heaven! I limited myself to one purchase which was the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. I tried it out this morning for the first time which was a very exciting experience. For a while I've been scrimping on the basic items so I thought it was about time I invested. We all know the reviews for this our amazing so I have confidence it's well worth the money.

If you know me you know I love free stuff (literally who doesn't???) and Space NK were kind enough to put together a bag of freebies those attending the event. There's some great skincare bits and pieces so I'll definitely be sharing my favourites with you all. The best freebie has got to be this Illuminating Moisturizer by luxury Budapest brand Omorovicza. The lab behind this brand has won a Nobel prize for skincare which is impressive to say the least. Along with a mini Hourglass Liquid Lipstick which is absolutely adorable and I'm actually addicted to liquid lipstick.

Thanks to Space NK for a great evening! Looking forward to heading back there tomorrow for a make up session and a few extra tips from the team before the She Loves York Catwalk event which is also part of the Six days of Style.

All outfit details from the event will be in a separate OOTD post so look out -  thanks for reading! xxx

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