Hi everyone! SO thought I'd fill you all in on what my favourite skincare products are atm. Skincare has always been a battle for me since I've had acne for the past few years which is shit, and it's been hard to find a skin routine that works alongside acne treatment and doesn't interfere or whatever. BUT I feel like this day has come (yippee) and through a combination of the right products and some good old sun I'm feeling much more confident in my skin. 

If I've got make up on, I'll go for a make up wipe and dampen it with miceller water. It's only recently that I've ventured into more upmarket micellar water - and I'm really glad I did. This one in particular actually smells BEAUT and its really gentle which is perfect for me since I feel like the more gentle the better for acne prone skin. 

If it's a no make up day, I'll skip that step and go straight to cleansing. I do think its worth cleansing your skin even if you've had no make up on, because all skin gets oily and grimy and if you're out and about then theres grossness everywhere that will clog up your pores etc. 

The best cleanser in the world ever is actually the Clarin's One Step cleanser however it is pricey but this one I've found from Vichy. It's an oil cleanser which sounds soon weird but similarly to the expensive one, you massage it into dry skin, then as you add water, the oil becomes a milk and then you wash off. It's a strange and satisfying process but again its really gentle. 

I think toner is something you need to really watch out for, like I tried one I thought would be amaze from Clinique, but I was using it and I was like omg this is really strong, so I look and its got alcohol in the ingredients. So like no shit it's strong!! Expensive doesn't equal magic. And I'm sure Clinique have other toners for more sensitive skin but I've now got this matching one from Vichy which I like. At the end of the day its only toner, don't sweat over it.

The little magic product in this collection is definitely the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and like I know I might be a bit late to the party to shout about this but honestly everybody should own this. It minimises spots SO WELL overnight or even if I wake up with a killer spot I'll put it on for an hour or two before I head out and it's honestly a life saver. You'll probably have seen this online before but you basically just put the sediment in the bottom of the bottle over the spot with a cotton bud. If you don't own this then you need to!! Unless you never get spots in which case fuck off why you reading this xxx

My other Mario Badescu shout out is the Hyaluronic Eye Cream. This a really luxurious eye cream, super super moisturising and just feels like a treat to go to sleep in. Hyaluronic is my new favourite ingredient in skin care. Literally google the benefits on Hyaluronic acid and you'll see why it's a current beauty buzzword and you'll want some in your life. 

This brings me nicely onto my second FAVOURITE new product which is this Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Shot which is a DREAM. After I've toned, I'll apply my acne cream from the docs (its the duac cream if anyones cares) and then apply a few drops of this over my skin. Honestly its amazing, you can read about benefits of Hyaluronic here. I'm not a dermatologist, I just know I love it and it makes my skin so hydrated. This is a godsend since my skin can get so dry due to the acne cream. 

This is my current moisturiser as you may have read about in my other post which I do like. It smells nice and posh and is nice and lightweight. But the one doing all the hydrating is definitely the Dragons Blood shot. However after ten minutes or so it does soak into your skin and I like to moisturise after. 

The expensive products I sampled from space NK have been great too - especially the Rodial Skincare - but did you know Nip and Fab and Rodial are sister companies? Me neither. Well now you do, makes sense since they both have Dragons Blood Products. 

And thats all! Thanks for reading! xxx

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