I'm not ashamed to stand here and say I am fake tan addict. If you're savvy and know the risks of laying out in the sun, or you can't afford a trip to the Caribbean every few months (cry), you might prefer a bottled tan to a real one. If this is you, then you'll know the terror that is patchy old tan. You'll also know the pain of exfoliating your skin RAW to get rid.

Bondi Sands have been my favourite brand of tan for a long while. Their newest product launch was this Fake Tan Eraser. The first thought I had was why would I want to remove my tan which I spend so much time on keeping as dark as possible - with coats of Ultra Dark. But it works so well, and since there is nothing better than a fresh tan, the idea is to erase it all so you can start again on a clean canvas. 

It's a foam consistency, just as their tanning mousses are. I rubbed it all over on dry skin, my tan was about a week old. It kind of soaks in, it doesn't smell bad like I thought it would. I left it on for five minutes and I was kind of expecting it to fade or something. But the magic happens when you wipe it off. I used those exfoliation mitts you can get in Primark and after one wipe the tan came off. It's crazy.

Here are the before and after results. So in answer to the question title, yeah you kinda do. 

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