I'm so guilty of being THAT kind of person who gets rid of clothes once I've worn them once (thanks depop) - yeah I know it's bad, I know, I'm flawed.

But seriously, today everyone wants something new for each event - especially bloggers, influencers, or even just fashion obsessed girls. If this is you then keep reading because this could literally SAVE YOU. It's a "See now, Buy now" type world nowadays - but why keep buying? Is anyone else guilty of having things they haven't worn in months/years down the back of their wardrobe? Maybe even stuff with tags on? Pretty bad isn't it.

With Wear The Walk, you have access to a whole library of emerging designer clothing, available to hire for your upcoming events or when you're craving a wardrobe update without wanting to break the bank. It's perfect if you're interested in fashion but don't always like to submit to the materialistic consumerism we're all getting used to. A great thing about the clothing is that it's all upcoming and emerging designers, so its not all the same thing everybody has. For example, these sequin leggings are from Billie Jacobina.

When I heard of Wear the Walk, it sounded just like the kind of thing I needed. Especially with things like my birthday, my graduation and other events coming up. I'd definitely recommend looking through their formal wear if you're wanting some designer clothing for summer events.

SPEAKING OF SAVING MONEY, Wear the Walk have been kind enough to offer my readers an exclusive discount code to get 20% off any rentals - MABEL20.

I took a couple of pieces on holiday with me to Ibiza, but theres so many other pieces, styles, and designers to choose from. Make sure you have a browse at their website. There is also going to be a catwalk event tomorrow which I will be snap chatting the whole way so make sure you add me at MABELBUG.

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