I know this is pretty much irrelevant to anything else I've ever posted, as I usually just post what is going on in my mind, and usually they just so happen to revolve around shoes and eyeshadow etc. But this is a topic which I'm sure you'll agree is at the forefront of everyone's minds, not just in the UK but around the world. So I just wanted to share a few thoughts, because I think when an event so important happens, an event which will be remembered forever, it's only right for everyone to acknowledge it. 

All I can do is thank my lucky stars that neither me or anybody I'm close to was injured or worse by the tragic attack on Ariana's concert, but there are so many who are. I'm only 18, so attacks like 9/11 are things that the grown-ups talk about happening, but I of course don't remember. People often talk about where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. A few weeks ago I was in Ibiza, and since it was night time and in true Ibiza style I was completely drunk - I have vague memories of Manchester headlines on news channels showing in sports bars, but the news didn't really hit until the hangover did in the morning. I was mostly in touch with my mum, as she grew up in Manchester it hit her hard.

All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around my sisters and thank god that we're all okay. The term "putting things into perspective" doesn't even begin to cover it. This affects us all, every single person, because it hit a place of innocence and fun and the fearful "It could have been me/her/him" thought is inside us all. It becomes paranoia, it meant that even seeing someone wearing a rucksack in a club stirs panic. I'm lucky enough to have felt safe my whole life, it's something we take for granted, something that you only notice when it's taken away, when it's threatened.

On Saturday, I left London after an amazing day in the sunny city. LDN by Lily Allen was playing in my head and I felt the buzz you only get from being a tourist in London. I returned to Leeds that afternoon and to spend the evening with my boyfriend and his family, but seeing another headline of the incident on London Bridge made my stomach drop. It continued throughout the night, and thankfully again, my friends and family in London at the time are safe and sound. 

Getting ready for the One Love Concert, another fearful thought passed through my subconscious - I shouldn't wear my heeled sandals in case I need to run away. Is this real life? Is this actually the way my mind is working in 2017 Britain? It's starting to feel like I'm in a dystopian future novel - which I've enjoyed plenty of, knowing they're fantasy.

All the concert-goers were searched, the ticket stated "no bags" and I'ver never seen this many armed police in my life. This added to the surreal and strange scene of the world we live in now, but my mind was put at rest. 

The concert itself was so magical. I was very excited to see so many performances but the atmosphere made it so special. Me and Sam had an amazing view and being amongst the crowd is something I'll never forget. The One Love concert will go down in history, signifying Manchester's bravery and solidarity, and proving that love wins over hate, always. There is more good in the world than evil.

I need to add in a word on Ariana Grande and how much respect I have for her. She's only 23 years old herself and the concert she, and her incredible production team put together in such short time, and the empathy she has showed for the city is nothing short of phenomenal. She has gone above and beyond, and is an amazing role model not just for young girls but for humanity. The artists that stopped what they were doing and performed for the cause have all earned heaps of respect in my eyes.

I'm welling up writing this! It's too easy to turn those fearful thoughts into hate, to play blame games and divide us.  I hope that we never see anything so tragic and horrific again, but since life is so short don't forget to show your love and live your life to the full.


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