Hi hi hi everyone. It's another casual one today. The sweatshirt and jeans combo can either be an on-trend tribute to athleisure and denim or, too often, be super uninteresting. 

I've excitedly spoken about it on my snapchat already so you probs know, but basically Ego chose me a surprise pair of shoes, for me to build an outfit around. The shoes they sent me are these "VIBE" sliders in black. So, since they're sliders, I knew I wanted to do something a bit sporty although still well put together and glam as they're covered in diamantes. Most of my time has been spent shining my torch on them and watching them SHINE since they arrived.

The sweatshirt is this Orange Lace Up Sweatshirt from PLT. Bright orange seems to be the it colour of the summer, not only in vibrant holiday wear but also in sportier styles like hoodies and joggers. I also really like wearing bright colours, sounds cheesy but it really brightens up your day (vom) and people should do it more (double vom). 

Lace up style is nothing new, but in 2017 every. single. item of clothing is lace up - belts, chokers, boots, skinny jeans, etc etc. With this orange sweatshirt I really like the oversized eyelets and ribbon. 

The sunglasses are from H&M, and you'll definitely have seen many fashion bloggers wearing coloured lenses this spring. I love these as they're an interesting spin on classic aviators. 

To go with the vibrant orange I wanted a mid light wash denim so as bring a slightly summery retro casual kinda vibe. Yes, I wore these jeans in another blog post, shocking I know. Imagine wearing something twice. Disgusting, right? 

Now onto the socks with sandals thing. So we've all seen the fishnet trend snowball this season - rumour has it that patterned tights are shaping up for AW17?? We'll see about that. Anyway, so it seems that this year, many style dictators are challenging the rules of basic fashion. Double and TRIPLE denim, pairing pink with red, and tights and basically every outfit ever, is just the beginning. 

So yeah, I haven't gone as far as to wear big white sports socks with my sliders just yet, but these fishnet socks really add something baddassy to the look. 

Don't get me wrong, these sliders are badass enough all on their own. I'd love to see them at Ocean Beach in Ibiza with a black swimsuit and frame-less shades too. And that's all! 

My photos for this post were all taken by Beth Stevens ❤️



  1. Love the colour contrast of this look, and especially how you wear the black net socks with white sliders. Very cool!

  2. Thank you! I loved making this look :) xx