I don't know about anyone else, but for me it seems like 2017 is the year of standing up for what you believe in. Everyone has an opinion and yes, it is in fact your business. In Britain, there's been a lot to talk about, no matter who you are and what you think. Brexit, terrorism, the general election, the recent tragedy that is Grenfell Tower.  Maybe it's the fact that we're in a modern age, where everyone with a Twitter account has a voice. The great thing is people are talking. Never in my lifetime have I been so surrounded by people voicing what they think in protests and rallies. 

One of the things I love about fashion is how it reflects our current social habits. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if protest placards appeared on the runway or in your local Urban Outfitters - and I mean that in the best way.
Recent scenes in London following GE results

Slogan T-shirts are nothing new, I know. Recently we've seen a major revival however; you'll no doubt have seen the Gucci logo tee that fashion bloggers love, or maybe the River Island rip-off version. Kendall's tee tells us she's a "Dior Addict", while Gigi reminds us "lol ur not zayn malik".  Incorporating words into fashion has been a favourite for a long time - Urban Outfitters is selling Juicy Couture. Just hit up H&M or Forever 21 for a laugh at the "Keep calm and eat tacos" sweatshirt or a "Bae on fleek" crop top or whatever shit they think will sell.

Anyway paired with this rise in slogans, and the social and political jungle we live in right now, the trendiest t-shirts have a cause. For a long time, your outfit has reflected your personality and in times of crisis and pressure, that can include your take on the world. 

I picked this one from Topshop, "Femme Forever" of course being a nod to Feminism, something that being girl does of course mean a lot to me - and to many of you reading I hope. I love that we have seen such a rise in feminist inspired tees in the fashion world, as well as other major issues - vote, just say moschi-no, and Girls just wanna have fun-damental human rights. Some of my faves here:

Still available to buy! One Love MCR

"Mabel you're wrong!!1 I don't follow trends!!! I don't do fashion I just really really believe in [insert cause here]!!1! " Okay girl calm down. I'm not gonna go all Miranda Priestley on you since we've all watched that (iconic) scene in The Devil Wears Prada. But really, no one is exempt from the fashion industry. Even your homemade #ToriesOut tee you wore to that protest is fashion. This major trend has come right off the backs of the people, spread the word.

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  1. "femme forever" isn't a nod to feminism, it's a nod to lesbianism, with femme (e.g. Femme/butch) being a term that feminine lesbians use to identify themselves. It's quite upsetting to see straight people appropriating queer culture just because "it looks cool on a tshirt", without actually having any idea about the significance of the phrase in LGBT communities