1. Having to explain to your extended family what a lifestyle blogger does and why it's actually a valid thing to spend your time on

And they don't really get it but they often tell you "why don't you blog about _____ " 
And then having to hit them back with the awkward "Errrr yeah well I run a beauty blog but I guess I could throw a few knitting patterns in, I'll think about it! Thanks" 


2. The most common response to telling people you're a blogger being "so do you just like get free stuff all the time????"

3. Trying to change something on your HTML


4. When your friends ask if they can win your giveaway because they're your friend 

No but seriously no, sorry πŸ™…πŸΌπŸ€·πŸΌ‍♀️

5. Having friends around the country(/globe!) who you've never met irl but you support like they're you're sisters

 πŸ’– #girlpower

6. You can spot an account with fake followers a mile away. 23k followers but less than 50 likes??


7. You low-key party on your own every time you hit any kind of milestone on any form of social media.

8. When people don't realise how much time, effort , planning and hard work goes into your posts 

9. You have your photo editing process down - it's easy!! It only takes 3 separate apps and 17 simple steps 

10. You're obsessed with natural lighting and lowkey cringe when people take their pics inside and they're all yellow 

11. The only people that understand the struggle with the Instagram algorithm are other bloggers so you bitch about it with them on twitter.

12. When beef goes down in the blogger world and non-bloggers don't understand what you're on about.

13. And you say you hate drama but you're enjoying it and posting response blog posts like

14. When your friend said they'd take photo's for you and you have to ask "Can you just take a few more?" seven times.

Sorry not sorry xxx

PS This post is a celebration of hitting 50k page views!! Soooo excited thank you so much xx



  1. This is so true!!!

    Sophie xx // www.oneunique.co.uk

  2. OMG this amazing! This the first post I found of yours and I love it, so funny and true! New blogger sister!! haha :)

    No. 1 is sooo on point - my dad said I should write about cars lol - 'thanks, I'll bear that in mind!'
    Congrats on hitting 50K!