So one of the biggest trends of the autumn/winter season is lining up to be the colour red. To achieve the full effect of the trend to catwalk standards, it's not just your coat, not just your trousers, or your shoes. It's all or nothing, and according to many designers, this season is definitely ALL. 

So bare with me while I think of the best way for those of us who aren't Kendall Jenner in Fendi or Gigi Hadid on the Max Mara catwalk to wear 100% red. In the meantime, I'll be using it as my accent colour of choice. 

Colour has played a huge huge part in my blog posts recently, starting with orange, then lilac and now red. Being a colour that can be worn so many different ways, either very smart or super sexy, classic and chic or full on street style. Both these catwalk are heavy on the red, but here the models show us how they do accent red off duty:

Very recently I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the FIRST TIME. I only bring this up because Holly's coat is one of my biggest inspiration ideas for the upcoming Autumn. I've been looking forward to investing in key winter pieces and a red wool coat will be on of them. 


Zoella's recent insta in a beaut red bomber, Zoella isn't usually where I go to for outfit inspo but I really liked this one!

Also - that Bershka red puffa from last year that everyone and their nan owns will be wearable again, and just as on trend. 

If you're not feeling a red coat, try red boots or shoes? 

My first newbie item with the red trend in mind are these red sock boots from Ego. I am in love with these boots! I've wanted sock boots for a while and in this shade I literally feel like Wonder Woman when I wear them. You see so many pics of celebs all candid in the clubs wearing posh sportswear and heels yet they get away with it and look insane. I'm pairing these with my satin joggers and cropped bomber, but sock boots can be worn loads of ways. 

Can honestly say I'd never put a picture of Jeremy Corbyn on my fashion blog lol - but maybe "Revolutionary Red is the new Millennial Pink?" according to this article, which also highlights the the use of the colour in this seasons popular TV show The Handmaid's Tale. Red is often a colour of rebellion, and this year it is representing the people who are arguing with the authority, responding and fighting back.

Speaking of pink - I've previously mentioned the new 2017 rules: DO wear pink and red together - maybe kill two trends one stone here!

The great thing is you can already see this trend in the shops. Walking around Westfield today I knew it was time to put this blog post up. Here's a few of my red top picks if you want to get on the trend ahead of the masses (links below):


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