If you read all of the things I'm feeling right now in this blog post, you may have picked up on some key colours I love this summer. I covered orange in another post, the next on the list is this stunning violet colour which is everywhere you look right now. Purple has been a colour I don't wear much of until very recently, it's a tricky one to get right. I kinda feel like Violet could be the new millennial pink? Just as cute.

On Tuesday, you may have seen my snapchat takeover for Ego (their snap name is Egoofficial) where I wore this outfit, went down to London for the day and had the best afternoon at Peggy Porschen's and watching The Girls musical. But onto the outfit:

Stars of the show gotta be my latest addition to the slider collection are these "Dream" sliders in Violet from Ego. They are a satin knot style, great for a glam but sporty outfit and in this colour they're super girly too, so very me. 

I went full on matchy matchy, with this T-shirt dress from Pretty Little Thing, also available at Asos. To break it up a lil bit I wore this satin cropped jacket - from misguided but unfortunately sold out now. Worn here around my waist just to lessen the purple overdose (slightly).

I'm honestly so in love with this new little rucksack from Accessorize - I paired it with this bag charm as well which I think makes it look less schoolgirl and way more designer-esque. Mini backpacks are just so cute I want one in every colour! 

Sucker for a choker ya know! This one is Accessorize - super super glam and sparkly BUT went for it in a daytime outfit because why not and I love it. 

Lets all just appreciate this beautiful pic of Peggy Porchsen's Cupcakery that Beth took? It was so pretty I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a chic insta pic - marble table tops and everything lol 

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Lovely photographs all thanks to Beth Stevens😘

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