Lot's of bloggers, very successful and organised people, have schedules to their blog. Like on certain days you can expect certain posts. I haven't been one of these people UNTIL NOW. 

I am beginning with this monthly blog series The Vibe which will go up on the 1st of every month. One of my favourite pages in multiple magazines is that little thermometer or whats hot/whats not ranking. I have also been a keen collage maker/scrapbook nerd in the past. Unnecessary mood boards are my calling. So essentially, I'm making my own.

In other news, I'm addicted to Pinterest now!! This is where the board is. I've found it really helpful recently for inspiration and planning outfits so if you're into that kinda thang then check out my boards ✌🏼

July's vibe is summery of course, bright colours everywhere, sun, heat, city fun. Key colours in the theme are Flame and Primrose Yellow. I love the colours orange and lilac, but any bold block colours like cobalt blue or bright red are perfect. What was it that put orange at the top of the streetwear charts? the Pablo album cover? the lining of all those vetements bomber jackets peeping out from the shoulders of all those A-listers?? 

I'm bored of normcore* now. Its much more fun to be really extra. Wear something a bit different or unusual - chances are you'll love it. I've pointed out in my last blog post the importance of breaking typical fashion rules like don't do double denim. The 2017 version should be "Don't NOT do double denim" am I right?

Don't give me all that "well celebs can wear what they want, they're celebs duh" - be your own celebrity. Life is a catwalk ya know. And many, myself included, prefer what models wear off-duty to on-duty. Much more interesting to see peoples day to day outfit choices which make them who they are, the image they show to the world. The vibe is dressing up, have fun with your clothes whether its embellished mesh dresses or a tracksuit.

LISTEN The songs are hits - shoot me, I listen to pop music. Stop pretending you're too indie for Calvin Harris!! I had a Katy Perry poster on my wall for years so I'm always biased when she's featuring but I'm literally on the verge of listening to Feels too many times. And Wild Thoughts. 

My Netflix pic is Nerve, which I'm not claiming to be like a really gripping or deep movie but it's a good watch. I like the daring and fun vibe to it and it's got that fit guy in it, YUM.
I haven't got round to seeing Baby Driver yet - has anyone seen it yet? Let me know if it's worth the watch. 
It was my boyfriend Sam who made me watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off and I wish I'd seen it sooner. But I've put it in the vibe since its essentially about running around having fun with your friends, which is what I hope your July is full of. It's on Netflix atm, no excuses to watch/ rewatch it.

Also, maybe a bit late but Riverdale on Netflix is so visually satisfying, it fits the vibe.
Aaaand I'm now someone who watches (and tweets, too much) about Love Island. I've never watched it before this series, and I'll admit I started watching due to some mild peer pressure but I'm glad I did. It's not for everyone but its always fun. And if you're interested my faves are Camilla and Montana ofc. 

So I don't really know the difference between being a "foodie" or just being an alive human being with taste buds, but basically I love food and who doesn't so yeah I'm justifying it. My snack of this month is Sweet n Salty Popcorn. 
In Ibiza we were at a Cuckoo land Ibiza Rocks pool party. And they were selling alcoholic slushies - best idea ever. Since then alcoholic blue raspberry ice is the July staple. Retro and nearly sickening but so good.

Some of you who know me personally will probably be rolling their eyes multiple times that I've even got a "read" section. I'm not a reader, I'm not ashamed to say it. I feel like I don't have time for books - I do admire people that do though. I do, however, read on holiday, like many do. And since it's July, my favourite holiday read has definitely been The Sudden Appearance of Hope.
I also want to express my love of this amazing book I got as a birthday present (thank you meg!!)  which has their site here.
Although I only really do books on holiday, I am a huge magazine reader. I've been a subscribing to Elle for ever but my fave week to week fashion mag is definitely Look. 

- having "official" in your Instagram handle when you're just a reg person. sorry who r u??
- Johnny on Love island, b y e
- people that don't appreciate/respect buzzfeed 
- when u ask someone to take a picture of you and they only take 1. no mate try 30 then we're talking x

I put lots of time into this blog post and since it's the start of something new I'd love to know what you think! thank you as always for reading! xx

*Normcore - noun - a style of dressing that involves the deliberate choice of unremarkable or unfashionable casual clothes.

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