Describe a blogger's paradise: pale pink interior, marble table tops, speciality coffee in palm tree cups, a tasty avocado on toast and a blogger friend to take pics of you join you!

This was my Saturday brunch time when I visited Palm Vaults in Hackney. Super cute inside and out, very friendly staff, and even on a Saturday it wasn't too busy which was great. Plants all over the ceiling, books and a laptop free zone at weekends.

My order was avocado on toast, no surprise there, and a red velvet coffee. Gen went for a smoothie bowl, which itself was much prettier than me even on a good eyeshadow day(you'll have to ask her how it was if u want to know). I've put the menu at the bottom of this post.

Bonus points: toilet is good for selfies.

There was some really good looking cakes on display as well, I was gonna get one for blog-review purposes but I was actually pretty full after my avocado toast which was BOMB. 

Right I'm not gonna lie to you, this outfit was 100% planned with the intention of getting a matchy-matchy insta pic. I'm that person that co-ordinates dress to cafe. Why not be as extra as me and gen and wear tropical print when you visit?

This dress is still available in the sale at ASOS! Perfect for if you're going on holiday (lucky).
Few extra outfit pics here, any opportunity ya know meeeee

Jacket is in fact PRIMARK I am loving it and only £20! 

Getting there is a very short walk from Hackney Central station in London. Its kinda a random location but its so lovely on the inside. Definitely worth a visit if you need insta material for the next month.


  1. Love this place! It's so pretty!!! The food looks fab and I love the jacket! ❤️

    Sophie xx // www.oneunique.co.uk

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