Hi everyone! I'm starting a new branch of lifestyle posts called "GO HERE" - pretty self explanatory, it's the places that I have been and loved. Hopefully it will provide some Inspo for you if you're planning a day out in London, Leeds, York and wherever else I'm spending time.

I've wanted to go to Pergola on the Roof for ages as it's so picture perfect. It's set out with lots of benches under a big canopy of leaves, with the bar.in the centre and the different stalls around the edges which you go and order from. There's fish and chips, tacos, burgers, and all sorts.

You can get a free drink here as well! Sign up here and then you can show your phone, I love a freebie so of course we did this.

I ordered from Salt n Sauce, who offer fish and chips so I went for crab and chips and omggg it was so so good. Salty and kinda spicy  I couldn't finish it though so if I went again I'd maybe get this one to share with someone! This cost £10.

Sam ordered a burger, and although I didn't try any it also looked really yummy. His cost £9, and for me since you didn't get chips with it or anything this is slightly on the pricey side but with the beautiful venue, free drink and how tasty the food was I'll let it slide.  

Getting there: I walked really easily from Shepherd's Bush Market station. It's in the most random place as it's on top of a multi-story carpark, but theres a nicely decorated lift up and then you step into a dreamy world of pale pink and leaves. 

It closes in October so make sure you go while you can! We didn't book but nearly every table was reserved - luckily we went for quite an early lunch so we were fine, but by the time we left it was getting pretty busy, so if you're a group of 4 or more I'd say it's wise to book.

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  1. This place looks gorgeous! Such lovely pictures you have taken!

    Meg x | the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk