I saw this pajama suit in H&M, I'd been looking for one for aaaages and although this one is super loud, and a few of my friends were skeptical I made the purchase but I'm so glad I did. I got a few double takes on the tube, but I think that means this outfit was a success, right?? 

As I was on my way to Peckham Rye, I was flicking through a Grazia and found their fashion shoot was a feature on 70's fashion. I know models can make anything look good, but some of the clashing prints and toffee-colour schemes really did look nice. 

This eclectic, mix of print and textures is quite a leap into the fashion world, and I know it's an extreme one that lots of you reading will be thinking 'Is she kidding, I'm not wearing curtain pajamas with heels into town.' But even if this is you, then use this as inspiration to wear things you wouldn't usually wear, and try trends even if they're out of your usual comfort zone. I got so many comments on my instagram of this outfit saying they admire that I wore this, although they'd never wear it themselves, which is great! BUT I'm all for being adventurous with your outfits, I'd much rather dress a lil weird than dress boring. So please everybody go out and buy that item, whatever it is, that you like even if it's a bit different.

Floral prints in autumnal colours is really nice for transitional outfits in between seasons. I'd love to say I can take this outfit on holiday with me too, as it's really lightweight and comfy, but I don't have any winter sun booked yet unfortunately.  

For a long time, 70's fashion has been something I've always steered clear of. Flares, corduroy and bohemian maxi floral skirts are things I can never see myself wearing. But this year I have been keen my on orange coloured aviators - coloured lenses are super 70's at heart. I'm also loving chunky sandals from the Topshop sale, a bit of disco diamante vibes as seen in my other recent post.

All the jewellery, and my sunnies, in these pics are Accessorize - no surprise there. 

My favourite thing about this outfit is the clashing textures. In keeping with the 70's kinda vibe, I paired these chunky glitter sandals with (my fave addition to any outfit) fishnet socks.

I also added this Zara bag which has a ring handle, I think I'm gonna do a whole other post about this Chloe-inspired trend because I am so obsessed. I think it makes the whole outfit look really polished and on trend. I was gonna go for sleek low ponytail but in the end I went for bouncy waves which, again, is very 70's.

This view was at Frank's Cafe in Peckham where we went for brunch - keep an eye out for a blog post on this soon! 

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  1. I actually love this! I don't have the guts to wear something so out there 😂

    Sophie xx // www.oneunique.co.uk