Growing up I was never a trouser girl. Years and years and years at primary and secondary school, I was the girlies girl ever who refused to wear trousers. In my early teens I did the jeggings thing and slowly moved to skinny jeans. If you'd have given me a pair of wide leg trousers I would have laughed at you. I've learnt the error of my ways, but even now, I'm super choosy. Most culottes still look daft on me, but most recently I've fallen in love with statement trousers.

These trousers from Missy Empire are honestly my current favourite item of clothing as they are so adaptable. I wore them to the office on Thursday with the poppers buttoned up and trainers, for a sporty and casual look, and in the evening I paired them with these Ego boots, left most of the poppers undone, tied my t-shirt up and I was ready for drinks with the girls. (AND I wore them the next day hungover, I can tell you they are super comfy. WIN WIN WIN) 

A pair of statement trousers should be something you're looking to invest in this AW. I feel so powerful in these. They are really different for nights out as well - I'm definitely eyeing up the red pair too, since red is such a 'thing' rn. Missy Empire also have these gorgeous frill trousers that Gen is modelling here. 

And the boots omggg the boots are LIFE. again, red is the colour to wear rn and in these I just feel so powerful and sassy. They are these red lycra ones from EGO.


  1. Love these outfits girls! Those trousers look amazing, especially with the red.

    Sophie xx // www.oneunique.co.uk

  2. I love a good pair of trousers, and loving how you've styled these ones! How cute is that pink wall too?! :) x

  3. i love the trousers you are looking so adorable on this outfits. this style was awesome never seen before this type of pants thanks for showing your style...