I feel like some bloggers like you to think that their make up collection looks like a Pinterest board of luxury brands, all Laura mercier and ysl lipsticks. I definitely don't want to kid you, I can no way afford all that - as much as I would love to.

I have luxury make up in my daily routine which are my absolute favourites, but I think theres so much can be said for high street and drugstore make up, so I really wanted to share with you the stuff that I ACTUALLY use.

Anyway anyway, I've made a list of the make up that I use pretty much everyday, my tried and tested, go-to, face in a bag, as well as one for my skincare routine. There's one list on my Faver for makeup and one for skincare: they're called "What's ACTUALLY in my makeup bag" and the other is "What I ACTUALLY use on my skin" - no prizes for guessing which is which.

Follow the link right here to join and see my lists! Make sure you fave the ones you've tried and liked using too, and if you make you're own list imma stalk you because I always need recommendations too.

I've made the lists on Faver - it's basically Pinterest but for shopping. I love shopping and I love social media, Faver basically combines the too. Am I the only one that when their birthday comes around makes their family a shopping list of presents to buy so they get you the right stuff? Maybe, but anyway I feel like Faver would be super useful for stuff like that.

Also, if you're a blogger like me then Faver is definitely something you'll find handy.

Please sign up through this link here!


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  1. Your liner is perfect girl!! x