Hello and welcome to the second post in my new monthly series THE VIBE. 

If you read July's Vibe, you'll notice that this month's is very different - my intention is for each month to have a unique feel to it while corresponding to current trends of the month.

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This month's vibe is polished, sophisticated with retro glam looks and modern, flatteringly simple pieces. Your basics don't need to be basic ya know - think simple, not boring.
Try reconstructed shirts and interesting denim pieces, as well as the "blogger bun" and a bucket bag.
Make up I'm actually down playing for once, minimal eye make up but keep your lipstick.
It's August - leave the frizzy hair behind and up-do your way through the month, think classic Kim K hair - centre parting is crucial. 

Serum serum serum. My favourite is still the Nip and Fab Dragon's Blood Shot, it just feels amazing, doesn't leave you sticky at all.

Appropriately fitting the sophisticated, glamorous fashion picks, I've been really enjoying Lana Del Rey's latest album. She's not for everyone, I love the songs even though I definitely cannot relate to them since I've never been to coachella and my boyfriend doesnt smoke ciggarettes out of his vintage car window. Also, probably not very "cool" but can we take another sec to go back to the La La Land soundtrack and talk about how uplifting those first few tracks are?

Anything as long as it's outside - I've got my tickets for Rooftop Film Club's screening of Back To The Future, along with unlimited popcorn and a glass of prosecco. Also hoping to catch Luna Cinema's showing of La La Land up north at Harewood House which sounds amazing. 
I started a new internship so a films about girls bossing their new career moves come to mind! The Devil Wears Prada, Legally Blonde, Confessions of a Shopaholic are perfect for nights in.
Celebrity Big Brother starts but I'm not really vibing it unless Chris and Kem make an appearance.

So I read the most wacky and kinda vom-worthy article that the newest breed of clean-eating fads is "High Vibrational Food" ( I know right wtaf, google it its real). Anyway, this is basically food that give you high energy, focus and emotional balance, and general good vibes. At first I was like errrrrm no but now I kinda like the idea of it i dont know?? 
Anyway for me this month is about making small but positive changes towards your health but also your mood - fruits and salads etc but having the treats that make you happy thats definitely my version of good vibes.
My snacks have been dried mango, pomegranate seeds, iced tea and coffee, pink lady apples and cinnamon rolls.

This month I don't have the luxury of discussing books for by the pool, but I have been reading The Handmaid's Tale since theres so much buzz about it. This is apparently also a book you some people study at school so bonus points for sophisticated taste right?

Also, this month Emily Ratajkowski is Glamour's cover star and her interview is particularly good. She talks of how she never wants to be boxed into thing, whether that be a super sexy model or a political activist, as she is both. I love this mentality and really enjoyed reading the article.

getting home from the hairdressers, blinking, and you've got 3cm regrowth at your roots already
unpaid internships that require 3 years working experience, 7 years at uni, a jar of sweat and your first born child
people who follow to unfollow, byyyeeeeeeee xxxx
comparing yourself to others, no no no babes


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  1. Just followed you on Pinterest lovely! Love your film picks - the Devil wears Prada and Confessions of a Shopaholic are right up my street. Totally with you on the unpaid internships thing as well - so annoying right?! x