Hey everyone. I feel like I haven't talked make up for soooo long. Today's face was created using 3INA's bestsellers. I've also learn you pronounce it Mee-nah

A few months ago 3INA sent me their UV collection - I was impressed with how well it worked, and although I'm all for wearing whatever whenever, it's not the kind of thing I'd wear everyday. Now they've sent me a few of their best selling products.

I have never ever EVER been a fan of cream eyeshadows until now. I've never been able to find one that works how I'd like it to. Trying this one has changed my opinion of cream eyeshadows - its so so pigmented, its super easy to put on and then it really stays put. On a day to day basis, I love easy make up, I'm always throwing on a bit of bronzer as eyeshadow when I can't be bothered blending and shading for ages. This is the type of thing which is perfect to put on when you want a wash of shimmer. This would be perfect for a holiday since it's no hassle and actually stays where you put it. The shade I got sent is this gorgeous metallic bronze-pink colour (cream eyeshadow 313).

I was very very pleased that I got sent a highlighter too - I don't think I'll ever get bored of trying new highlighters. This one is a champagney-goldy one, I loved how it looks with my skin and ending up putting it all over: brow highlight, inner corner highlight, nose, chin, lips.... It's a perfect daily highlight when you just wanna be a golden goddess (everyday) without looking too 'done up'.

No best selling collection would be complete without a liquid lipsticks. I've tried hella liquid lipsticks, and I can imagine most girls reading this have too. I've been wearing Max Factor's Colour elixir a lot recently in the shade honey nude and I love the kinda pinky nudey brown, but its a gloss finish and I've found I need re-apply quite a lot. HOWEVER this 3INA one is nearly the same gorgeous colour but it dries matte (rejoice!!!!) So comparatively, this one is much more liquidy than my Max Factor Colour Elixir, but it doesn't dry like the Kylie ones do (I love her lip kits but their quite uncomfy to wear?) This one stays put and doesn't feel like horrible on your lips at all.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these products. My fave is definitely the cream eyeshadow, I'd love to try their lighter colours but I'm glad I got sent a darker copper-pink as its a nice change from what I usually wear.3INA really pride themselves on being luxurious but affordable which I LOVE. If you know me, you'll know saving money (as well as spending it) is my favourite pastime - any other coupon queens reading? 

In the past year or so I've made a conscious effort to go for more high street make up brands and in doing so have saved a TONNE. Can you imagine spending more than £100 a year on foundation alone?? Yikes. Anyway 3INA is now well on my radar for affordable but very high quality products - most are vegan and all of which are cruelty free.


  1. Absolutely love all of these shades. You're eye make up looks amazing, I love the lip colour and that highlight though!

    Sophie xx // www.oneunique.co.uk

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