I don't know what it is but something is so novel about doing indoor things outdoors. Open-air cinema is a perfect example of this - Luna Cinema does pop-up screenings of great films around the country. My nearest venue was at Harewood House near Leeds, which I've been to often when I was little, it's a beautiful country house to visit. 

The event was very well put together, there was loads of helpful staff, and it was set up in a way in which everybody has a good view. We got a few freebies, cookies from and selfie props as part of a competition run by DoubleTree. Also Rowntrees Randoms, I love freebies so this excited me.

The only downside was there was a large queue for the food (shoutout to Edie for queuing for us), as there was only one stall. Once we did get the food though it was very tasty, I went for the Memphis Pulled Pork wrap (no brainer really) and Edie had a Lobster Burger which was also really nice. We also packed plenty with us so it wasn't necessary to buy food there if you're on a budget. Nora packed a picnic and we all brought snacks.

The film we watched is one of my absolute favourite films. If you haven't watched La La Land then you need to! The soundtrack alone is stunning -  and was featured in my monthly Vibe for August. I'm a bit biased when it comes to musicals but I still think that even if musicals aren't your fave genre its worth watching. It's an instant classic and is visually just beautiful.

It was a gorgeous evening to watch the film too so we were pretty lucky! If I was to go again though I would definitely have brought a big cosy coat or an extra blanket, as by the time it was dark we were all huddling together for warmth. 

I would 100% recommend these events, it was so much fun and would make a great date or gift to someone too, I'll definitely be going again.

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  1. It looks like you had loads of fun, I've always fancied going somewhere like this!

    Sophie xx // One Unique