People always ask me what my 'style' is, and I always say that I don't have one, and it changes everyday. There are definitely styles I don't wear often, and I think this blouse definitely ticks that box. Lacey, frilly and ribbon neck, pale pink - tbh its the kind of item that you can describe to someone and it sounds a bit horrendous but then you see it and its beautiful.

And really, I'm glad I don't have a 'style' - it means I'm not limited in choosing what to wear. One day it'll be a frilly blouse and slingback heels, the next will be a tracksuit or a bumbag. Today I wasn't feeling my Adidas, not a hint of athlesiure in this whole post.

There are so many ways a blouse can be worn, but I wanted this outfit to be fairly casual, so jeans is the best option. I went for mom jeans, mostly because I think they look the most laid-back and effortless. My belt is super worn leather too, so the causal bottoms was a nice balance to the prim and proper top.

I love how mom jeans look with little heels, like these slingback block velvet heels - they're in fact from Primark but I think they're such a great high street version of designer inspired shoes.

If I had to choose my one essential fashion item, I think it would have to be a large black leather tote. This one has made so may appearances on my blog! Including right now. It's been behind the scenes the whole time at fashion week carrying all my crap I carry around with me. 


  1. I really love your style! And I totally agree with you, I don't have a style either and I think it's a good thing because I feel like I'm not limited. I can wear whatever I want.
    Keep up the good work!
    Much love,
    Sima Aykın / www.styleglint.com

  2. The way you styled this blouse is perfect! I like to approach my style like you, I just go with how I'm feeling that day.

    I love wearing lace in really casual outfits, and the way you've styled this is definitely something I'd wear!

    Beka. xo