This OOTD is a stylish casual look with lots of street style and designer inspired pieces - for a day out during Carnaby Fash Fest before heading to the Trendy Hub launch party.

I've finally succumbed to getting one of these knock off designer-inspired t-shirts - because god knows I can't get the £700 Gucci one, and they are super cute so this one from Missy Empire is such a great alternative to get the look. I also went for black to make things a bit different. And you know me, I'm tying it up at the waist because thats what I always do.

If theres something I keep coming back to this season it's talking about mixing and matching textures. I've done shredded denim, vinyl, faux fur - next on the list are these amazing glitter trousers - also from Missy Empire. These are one of my favourite pieces I've worn this season. The stripe down the side is so sports luxe which is so me. I've paired them with heels, and I actually think they make my legs look pretty darn long considering they're absolutely not.

Another street style favourite this fashion month has been a surprise contender in the designer bag game: bum bags (I know?!). But seriously, I'd take anything in jewel toned velvet with a Gucci logo on so who can blame them. Again, at roughly £600 each, not quite on my level. What I love about this one from Missy Empire is that the belt has a proper buckle - meaning it could actually be used as a belt. This is great because when I think fanny pack I generally imagine touristy velcro and clips but this one is 10000x times more stylish!

Gotta love a flower wall! Thanks for reading x

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  1. You look absolutely amazing! I love your style

    Sophie xx // One Unique