For so long I wondered why on earth anybody in their right mind would wear a blazer by choice? They're either school uniform, or something you must wear to your boring office job which you hate, right? WRONG - maybe it's this whole girl boss thing which is seeing traditional workwear take over the high street? 

There is so much grey plaid in right now it's crazy. It's kind of a tricky one to wear because I think a lot of people wouldn't like it, when it can actually be quite glamorous and the muted grey tonal colours is so sophisticated for Autumn.

I saw this one in Glamour magazine and fell in love with it! Believe it or not, in Primark for just £20 - I can't find it online unfortunately. I think this is so versatile and will be one of my fashion staples this season. 

So the trick is: whatever you're wearing, make sure it's grey and has a large check pattern on it. It's equally on trend to wear a power suit or a mini dress in this trend. And, in keeping with this month's vibe - click here if you haven't read it yet - more is more.

I doubled up my prince of Wales print and matched the jacket to this shirt dress from Missguided. who needs trousers?

As you know I've been loving mixing up my patterns and prints, so this bag - another Primark bargain (£7) which is black with a gorgeous oriental inspired floral embroidery. 

For this outfit I really wanted to wear heels to lift the outfit and make it more feminine. I'm still loving these glittery Topshop sandals as they're really comfy as well. They add a gorgeous texture as well and with the fishnet socks I think they look really different.

Thank you for reading! AND need to mention that these photos are all taken by Sam and I LOVE them x