Finding it extremely weird that I'm already writing September's vibe!! It's like 3 months until xmas time whaaaaat

If you have a look at this month's Pinterest board, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the colour and patterns and kind of think 'Okay, it's happened, Mabel has lost it'. But thats kind of what I was after - the word I'm gonna use is 'eccentric'. September is a bit like January in the way it means fresh starts for lots of people after the summer months. So this September, I dare you to wear something you wouldn't usually wear - or even two items you wear all the time separately, wear them together. Be a bit crazy and try something a bit unconventional. Get creative with your clothing, as this season has a real arts-and-crafts feel with all the re-worked pieces. Think collage, think clashing prints and patterns, think lot's and lot's of colour.

I just love face masks ok?? My top two are the Glam Glow silver firming one, and the Origins Charcoal mask is a new fave too. Great for applying, strutting round in a robe, putting on your power song, maybe even drinking prosecco in your mates hot tub??
Also, disposable cameras are my new fave thing, I'm really enjoying doing the 'one take' series on my blog and so many people seemed to like it!! So we've got more to come this month

You know when you listen to a song and you're just like yessss I'm gonna listen to this 100 times in a row until I hate it - for me that song is Havana by Camilla Cabello, I haven't obsessed over her other songs but this one I really like, currently on 30-something times played. Dua Lipa - New Rules is also so so good, and if you haven't watched the video then watch it because I love the vibe she's working in that Versace shirt.

Slowly but surely I've been getting back into Youtube, and I think I need to tell y'all my fave youtuber to watch is Hanna Renee, so deffo go give her a watch - she's so talented at make up, she's gorgeous and she's from the north wooooo
Also, Life of Kylie is on Hayu, just saying, if you're a really KUWTK fan then you should be watching! And I've just started season 5 of AHS, so far I'm enjoying it

So for my birthday I got some really nice books, one of which is The Coveteur, it's a beautiful, visually stunning book or photographs and interviews with fashion people. I actually mentioned it in my first vibe as soon as I got it but honestly I still LOVE it. Reading it, and flicking through all the photos is so inspiring, it's definitely inspired me to up my photography game. So has another book, We Are Photogirl's fashion shoot book which is basically FULL of inspo for creative ootd pics. So this month, read something that makes you feel inspired and creative. So thank you Megan and Beth for these books!

Mexican food. enough said really, I had such good Mexican Eggs at Partisan in York yesterday, also nachos and guac will always be my snack of choice. And don't even get me started on fajita night at the Goulden's

being snobby about pop music - sozzz not I'm not edgy I just wanna listen to despacito ok??
the fact that I am not abroad right now
the current graduate jobs market
taylor swift lol
telling me it's 'too early' plan my halloween costume, this is a major decision

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  1. I'm really not vibing Taylor at the min either. Love this post!

    Sophie xx // One Unique