If there's something I've not shut up about, it's clashing textures. I can't think of more polar opposite textures featured in this Miu Miu look: luxurious fur and shiny plastic.

Huge fur coats and wraps instantly add old Hollywood glamour to a look, and in a quirky colour like lilac it's very playful, like dressing up in something that isn't yours.

Vinyl is also really popular, very sexy texture for leggings and dresses, but clear plastic is a very different look: surreal and almost clinical, or futuristic. A complete contrast to the indulgent furs.

This coat inspired me to try something totally different by taking a plain clear rain Mac layering a Topshop tippet with it - the colours happened to be so similar to the Miu Miu fur collar. For an easier way to clash these opposite textures, you could try a fluffy or furry bag or jumper with a vinyl mini or perspex boots.

As the plastic is clear, it already gives whatever is layered underneath a more interesting look. I put mine over a ribbed bodycon dress, but taking inspo from Rihanna on the cover of Elle this month, it would be interesting see it over the top of something furry or fluffy.


  1. I love this, actually thought is was a Miu Miu coat at first!

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