As a rule, I wear colour. I know there's loads of people that love black clothing and stick to it - I'm pretty much the opposite. However, there's some things that just get 10x more chic in black: large tote bags, platform boots, converse, high neck tops.... and fur coats? Now this one comes in pale pink too - which I am very very game for also - but I'm feeling kinda halloweeny and so went for black. 

 I'm so glad I did! I've had so many compliments on this already, and I know its a bit unoriginal to say but black really does go with everything so I can literally wear this every single day. 

Another perk to this jacket is I'm so so impressed with the quality, it's so cosy - another reason to never take it off. Check out the grey and pink too from Lasula.

I was almost starting to think corset belts were on the decline (a bit 6 months ago ya know??) But then this vinyl one caught my eye which is the perfect way to bring them into AW17. I think corset belts are so flattering and they can make a simple t-shirt dress look really glam. 

This Lasula one would also be really cute with a bodycon midi or over a t-shirt with jeans. Possibilities are endless with corset belts.

And the final black piece on the list is these ankle boots from Quiz. Don't have an awful lot to say except these are beaut and black boots are always needed! 


  1. loved this post! the coat looks amazing on you x

  2. Mabel Goulden has grown upon social interaction. The costume what is shown in the blog are very good shade with black. I hope you know that you're really pretty and gorgeous :)

  3. I like both of the items black fur and black vinyl.Both look classy.And yeah I love your entire outfit, it look super cool on you. Good stuff