What's funny is that on the way to shoot this outfit we saw not one but TWO people wearing mustard jumpers - and yet another on the way home. To me, this shade is like the epitome of autumn. In a jumper, it's so cosy and easy to wear with jeans.

This one from Lasula has a really nice roll neck and lace up pattern on the front, I really love me some lace up I know. I touched on statement jumpers in an earlier post and I just think they're perfect for this season, especially ones that really play with size and proportion, so roll necks are a yes especially if you go up a few sizes!

Rule number one of how to dress like you know fashion is to up spec your basics. It would be easy to pair this jumper with skinny Joni's and yes thats cute but not really what's up right now, but add two-tone step hem jeans like these ones from Lasula and you automatically look like a fashion girl.

This scarf is one from last year at Accessorize, but I got it out again with all the checks we're seeing! They never really go out of style and I love pairing mustard with navy.

What I love about this bag is how structured and lady-like it looks, especially against this casual outfit. Really structured, smart looking bags are totally having a moment right now with the rise of the anti-athleisure thing (read this months VIBE for more!) and they instantly lift outfits. This one is Ennigaldi which I got through Wear The Walk!

These little Primark shoes have honestly been my go-to at the moment!! I feel like they go with any outfit ever?? I love the slingback design I think it looks sooo classic so paired with the Ennigaldi bag I thought it made the outfit look super chic.

I really love this outfit! Feels like autumn now! Thank you for reading - and by the way this filter is VSCO p5 xxxx

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  1. You look AMAZING!! I'm loving my mustard coat at the moment, it's so cosy and makes me feel so autumnal!

    Sophie xx // One Unique