I'm a bunny, duh. A bunny who wears BEAUTIFUL thigh high boots from Lasula. These ones are black faux suede with gold studs up and down them. I'm still living for the thigh high boots trend, these would be so cute with an oversized t-shirt dress too.

The halloween aspect of my outfit are these Lace Rabbit Ears, getting kind of dangerous woman vibes from these! I think they're really nice ones and look really glam, which is why I thought I had to put on my Lasula Black Fur Coat to go with the outfit! 

This dress is perfect for the outfit, I'm ashamed to say I didn't actually own an LBD until this one! It's got a curved hemline which I think is really flattering and looks really cute with the boots, which are lower at the back. Making my short legs look longer is one of the biggest struggles I have but I deffo think this combo does the trick!

So excited to wear these boots with another outfit! Boots are an Autumn staple of course, but thigh high boots are really on trend still. 

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  1. These are looking good and you look gorgeous as well in the costume, The boots are some what extra good and they look more suiting in the costume.