I've been looking forward to do October's vibe so much since October is FULL of character and everybody kind of welcomes it as being proper proper autumn. The vibe is luxurious indulgent dressing to welcome in AW party season. Similar to last month, it's a maximalist feel. It's quite hedonistic, and very fun, which is expressed through dressing up. Go all out, no sexy cats here! Make sure you see the full mood board over on Pinterest here!

The whole vibe this month is about dressing up - not like putting on a pair of cat ears on the 31st - I mean like proper dressing up to go out out. As much as I love my hoodies and trainers, there's something kind of symbolic about spending time with you girls getting glam and putting on something you LOVE: new shoes, your OTT choker, a fur coat - whatever you makes you completely feel yourself. Dressing up is like knowing you're going go out to have a good time, I know I always feel better when I'm wearing something I love. 

This month you cannot be overdressed! There's something quite old-school glamour about this months vibe - even if you're just going to the bar you always go to with your mates, you all turn up dressed to the nines and you're already in your own exclusive club because you look so good, the atmosphere is elevated. I always associate velvet with autumn and winter, the party season. Indulge yourself in your clothes by dressing up in your favourite luxurious fabrics like velvet, satin, faux fur and vinyl. 

And of course, I shouldn't leave out the whole halloween costume thing! I've got loads of ideas ticking around my head so here we go: Zombie Marilyn Monroe, Eleven from Stranger Things, a mummy, masquerade costume... I've made a mini Pinterest board of ideas if anyones looking for inspo! Let me know in comments which idea you'd think would work best!

Quite a varied selection this month - I'll start with one of my go-to romcoms which I rewatched last week and it completely matched what I had in mind for this month's vibe. Marie Antoinette is a super indulgent film about an indulgent woman. It's visually beautiful (won an academy award for best costume!) full of amazing period dresses and scenery full of finery and splendour. History aside, the queen of debt loved to dress up and party. It's a good film, worth a watch and may inspire you to eat more cake and drink champagne on a Tuesday.

Also, I had to PROMISE myself to put Bojack Horseman in this months vibe since I feel like it's such an underestimated show on Netflix! Just trust me on this okay, it's a cartoon but in a way it seems like it isn't (no ones head is being slapped all the way round, or crashing through a series of walls all in a row leaving a hole the exact shape of their body). It's funny, but also quite deep (literally nearly cried at a cartoon horse's mum's episode, what is my life). Another Netflix original I've just started to watch is The Good Place - I saw this advertised and initially wasn't blown away, but I'm a few episodes in and it actually had me lolling and is an interesting concept too.

At two events I've been to recently, POPS premium ice lollies have been there and I just think they're everything. Champagne ice lollies. Such fun! But fizzy alcohol is my drink of choice this month, put your pumpkin spice latte's away. In the style of Kristen Dunst in Marie Antoinette, pair with a slice of cake. Calories don't count until January you know!

I said it before, but Dua Lipa's whole album. All of it. Love love love love love
My two other favourite songs atm are Paloma Faith - Crybaby, I like the Blonde Remix too, as well as Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man

Quick go and buy the October issue of Elle magazine before the November one replaces it - I was especially impressed with this issue and one article which kind of inspired this blog post was about the rise in going 'out out' 

Need to mention the Balenciaga exhibit at the V&A museum here. I already did a whole blog post on this but I really loved it! Fashion nerds assemble, go go go

me thinking its a good idea to sing along to Rihanna's Work after a few drinks on my insta story, so sorry about that (and the rest of them)
Shorter days = SAD season, and I'm pretty sure everybody gets this so it's time for the vitamin D supplements guys
bodysuits that are too short for your body, like I'm not even tall but OUCH
When Transpennine Express cancel ALL the trains home Manchester to York through the night and call that a 'train service'!!! FUCK UUUUUU 
When your mates filming your for their story but then a verse of song you don't know the words to comes in and you have to take a really long sip of your drink, v v v stressful wait till the chorus please

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  1. You are so stylish! I really like checking out your posts. Good luck!