It’s the first outfit blog of 2018 yippee!!! 

I don’t know about you but when Rihanna wore that denim outfit my thoughts on double denim actually changed forever. This outfit is everything, absolutely everything. Iconic in fact. I’ve literally wanted to do an outfit similar ever since.

And I’m pretty sure it partly inspired this matching Jacket and Skirt from Missguided which features in their latest campaign video, I literally think it’s the coolest thing ever. It made me feel like str

I think its just an unspoken rule in fashion now that shoulders aren’t allowed to be warm. If your jacket isn’t hanging off your arms then wyd?? If you did feel a bit exposed then the jacket does look very cool buttoned up as well, with high waisted black jeans and trainers for a more casual look. But since I was matching and I had heeled boots on I thought I may as well pretend I'm Rihanna. 

The boots are my current fave pair from Ego which you may have seen in my instal-takeover with them over New Years. I feel like these pretty much look good with anything, especially denim. For the take-over I wore them with ripped jeans but I love how they looked with this denim co-ord too.

The LV inspired monogram is the so perfectly tacky I love it. I also got very excited when I realised that the MG monogramming also suits my name (call it fate maybe??)

The biggest shout out goes to India Moon for these photos which I’m obsessed with (check out @gloriamoonphotography) 

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