WOW it’s been a long time since I did a vibe blog post, so I thought I’d come back with a big ‘un. Welcome to 2018

With January comes reinvention.
Who do you want to be this year? 

My biggest resolution this year is to redistribute my energy. 

“But Mabel, that sounds like some daft hippie shite” you’re thinking.

Yeah it sounds like something my mum might say (shout out to my daft hippie mum), but recently it’s become clear how easy it is to fall into a trap of focusing all your energy on the wrong things - things that eat up your energy but get you nowhere. Maybe you’re focusing every waking moment on something or someone. Maybe you’re focusing on too many things?

Why are we obsessed with being busy? Why am I obsessed with being busy? Does busy = happy? I’ll admit I’m obsessed with being busy. My 2017 was busy. I hate having no plans, I squeeze as much as possible into my days off work, bouncing between cities and friends never touching the ground. As much as I love to live a fast life, it’s unhealthy when you’re sending yourself into overdrive, to a point where you can’t sleep and you feel like you’re on a strict time schedule with yourself. 

God help anyone who dares tell me ‘chill out’. I’ll be quick to swear at you and say I don’t have time. 

This is why my second resolution is to learn what is actually best for me. Here’s my self-analysis: I have taken pride in ambition and motivation for a long time, to the point of obsessing over my time, making sure I never ever have a spare moment. I LOVED being the one that you can never pin down. I’m a ‘do-er’ therefore I MUST never stop doing. I hated the idea of wasting my time so much I robbed myself of any ‘me time’. It saddens me how little energy I have left for my blog - something I used to enjoy spending my free time on. Do you have a hobby you’ve forgotten about? 

‘I just don’t have time’ is what I’ve told myself for 3 whole months. This is actually I lie. I do have time I’m just using it wrong. You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncè ya know 

If you’re unhappy with an aspect of your life but you’re bitching instead changing it, you need to refocus your energy.

Who do you want to be this year?

Impossible to say. More importantly, who do you want to be today?

If you’re limiting yourself to one set of rules or resolutions for the whole year you’re boring and probably gonna fail at them. For me, and my indecisive mind, the goal keeps moving. I’m never gonna hit my target if I get bored of it.

If you’re into fashion (I’m sure you are because you’re reading a fashion blog, if not then maybe you’re just obsessed with me or something? Check yourself babe), then I’m sure you’ll agree that getting dressed is important to present who you are to the world. The fun thing is it changes everyday. 


Colourful things, retro things, simple things, sunglasses indoors, sliders, double denim, fur coats, huge earrings, glittery eyeshadow, baggy joggers, hats, - just a few of my faves, none of which necessarily match or suit a certain style. That's the fun bit?




Here’s something new. I’ve made a playlist for you, and I’m going to every month this year. If you don’t care what I listen to don’t click on it, I’m not offended babe 


I mean I'm not going to pretend I've started some revolutionary diet for 2018, but eating good things does improve your mood, and that should be your priority right now. 


Well personally I'm not doing dry January, if you are then well done but I think we need pornstar martinis to help us through this drab and depressing month. Green tea in the morning, vodka in the evening type month.

And that's the vibe xx

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