I have dived head first into a whole new world that is hair extensions. I have never worn them before EVER - partly because for a good chunk of my life I had my own long thick locks. About a year ago I chopped them all off, but recently I've had quite severe long-hair-nostalgia.

And then it kind of dawned on me that there was this possibility of having short hair one day and long hair the next and I found it very very tempting. Then, I saw my friend and fellow blogger Tara popped up on my Instagram feed with a fringe - which really suited her. She'd tagged @LullaBellz - who i'd heard of before as Polly Marchant is the face of their latest campaign.

The biggest worry for me was getting the wrong colour, I had no clue which one to order. But I used their colour match service, I sent a quick selfie over to them via their site, and within 24 hours I got an email informing me that my shade is 'Light Golden Blonde'. And then straight away I found myself ordering a 5-piece clip in set. I went for straight, because I rarely curl my hair.

I honestly was sceptical - my natural hair is shoulder length, very thick and cut quite bluntly rather than layered because I love how that looks, but I was half expecting the extensions to be massively obvious, with a choppy short layer halfway down, exposing my real hair.


On Saturday morning, I got them out of the packet and I was already impressed before I'd even put them in at how well they matched my real hair! Somebody looked at my crappy selfie and could tell just from that which colour I should be ordering.

Then I put them in, and omg I'm actually obsessed. I wore them the whole weekend I was so excited - every group chat I was in was spammed with selfies of me wearing my new hair.

I honestly can't think of anything bad to say about these! I'm beyond impressed with the brand and I'm already trying to figure out what to buy next (a sleek straight ponytail is tempting me)

Thanks so much for reading!

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