It's so funny how your opinions of trends can change. Five years ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me to put on a pair of kitten heels - with heeled shoes I had a "6 inches or don't bother" mentality. I even remember me and my friends making fun of kitten heels, we called them nipple heels because the short spikey heel looked like a nipple and we just didn't see the point at all.

Anyway fast forward to now, and I'm loving a good "nipple heel".  I've been eyeing up kitten heel slingback shoes for my new job, although I consider myself quite good at handling the pain that comes with wearing heels, this height is considerably comfier than my other sock boots. 

I've seen sock boots like this in every colour imaginable, and I definitely want to grow my collection with a brighter colour or a floral pattern. In a colour like nude, white or grey they look so chic - just like these ones I got from Ego. They're also easier to wear.

I love wearing sock boots with joggers, or cargo pants, or anything with an elasticated hem. But I though today I would would go for jeans because I wanted a simple look thats a bit smarter.

The main pop of colour is the green tassel earrings which are from Accessorize. I think a deep green like this looks really nice with a pale pink, so I also went for this jumper from Pretty Little Thing. They now do this jumper in so many nice colours and I've worn this to death. 

Thanks so much for reading!XX

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