OOTD: Ready for Islander's Brunch

This weekend's brunch is the Islanders brunch at Doubletree in Ras al Khaimah, which is right by the sea so I was feeling summery. I was waiting all week to wear this outfit! I chose this mini dress by Fashion Union which has really pretty sleeves and an open back. It's very romantic which is not usually a word I'd use to describe my style but the trends are really embracing femininity at the moment and I'm here for it.

Beaded bags are like marmite (which I also love by the way), I wanted to add a pop of colour to the outfit besides my nails. This New Look bag is very compliment worthy. I also love pearl details which I'm wearing pretty much every day at the moment, so I added these earrings by Iconic to my collection.

Last year I wrote a blog post titled 'I can't believe I love kitten heels now' and what's more shocking to me is that I love them more than I did then. I got my hands on this Lost Ink mock croc pair.

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