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Always written by me,
Mabel x


Living It Up in Dubai: A Week of Shopping and fun in the sun! 🌞🛍️
Week in My Life: Brit Girl’s Guide to Dubai | Health routine, Vintage Shopping & Sunshine!
Dubai April Spending - OMG! Rent, Bills, Groceries & Shopping and more...
New chatty life update vlog 🥹🫶 #dubai
Im going to miss you Dubai 😩 chatty vlog is now live #dubai
Girls Weekend Brunchin' in Dubai: A Chatty Chill Vlog | Dubai Week Vlog | Mabel Goulden
Dubai Expat Diaries: Spa Days, Birthday Bashes & Cooking Sri Lankan Eats
Adventures in Ella, Sri Lanka | Safari, Tattoos, Zip-Lining & More! Vlog
Exploring Ahangama, Sri Lanka 2024: Beaches, Culture, and Wellness | Travel Vlog
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