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A seafood brunch on the Palm? Yes please

Sitting outside on the palm was such a dreamy way to spend a Friday afternoon! We arrived at Seagrill Bistro to a beautiful set up with gorgeous views of Dubai Marina, ready to review their new brunch package. I was excited to be seated outside now the weather is getting better. Sipping mimosa’s under palm trees is definitely my idea of paradise!


- Gorgeous location with both indoor and outdoor seating at Fairmont The Palm

- Views of the water and the marina.

- Very welcoming staff! Our waiters were so attentive, they were really wonderful.

Food: Since I love seafood, I really was in heaven when they brought out a full fish platter to begin with. Oysters, raw salmon and fresh crab were all highlights. If you’re not a seafood lover like me, there were plenty more starts shortly after, and I must highlight the Burrata cheese, which was super creamy without being too heavy. I also found I kept going back for more of the foie gras crumble - it came with a crunchy, fruity layer on the top which was so more-ish.

Before the mains arrived, I heard two women to my right saying how great the mushroom fusilli pasta is, so I made sure to try it straight away - they were definitely right! The other mains were included roasted chicken with vegetables, or a lovely light sea bass dish.

The star of the dessert menu had to be the chocolate cake, which they cut off a huge piece for each diner at the table. All in all, I don’t think there is a bad word to say about the food.

Alcohol: There is an open bar, with tasty cocktails available. I was impressed by the wine for this brunch and although we drank quite a lot across the four hours, the brunch was still a calm and civilised affair.

Info: Served between 12.30pm and 4.00pm every Friday, AED 345 per person for soft beverages and AED 495 with alcoholic beverages. Adults only.



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