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I want to show off my dressing table

No prizes for guessing my favourite colour.

Moving is super tough and it took me two whole months to bring myself to actually bother to sort out my dressing table, even though I've wanted to for aaaages. Although I have to say I'm glad I waited until I found a mirror I really like, which happened to be on Dubizzle and made by someone from an antique frame. I love it because it is a step away from the rest of my furniture (mostly Ikea, not gonna lie).

The trinket dish was an impulse buy from ASOS, because I've become a bit obsessed with shells and shell shaped things. One day I will definitely get my hands on the shell pillows I've been stalking on instagram handmade in New York, but for now I'm very pleased with my trinket dish.

The jewellery box is a find from H&M home, although I've seen very similar in a lot of other stores. The smaller one I use for my lipstick nearly matches perfectly and is from Homes R Us, along with the mirror coaster I put under my perfumes.

The stool is a Home Centre find and is very very cute if I do say so myself. And the desk is a simple Ikea one which I'm pleased with for now.



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