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Social Content

  • Manage day-to-day content of social channels throughout weekly new launches and collections.

  • Conceptualised and created ‘Beach City Supports’ branding campaign to connect with community and support local businesses.



Brand Direction

Created brand identity for all three channels and implemented cohesive creative direction.


Strategized and managed 3 social media channels daily content for their sister companies

Content Execution

Direct and execute creative content including blog content, photoshoots, video content, IG filters , email newsletters and more.

Content Creation

Not just a social media manager, but a videographer one day, a PR manager the next, a copywriter, a creative director, a hand model, a graphic designer, an editor, an influencer manager... Often in smaller teams, all of these things are rolled into one.

One of my favourite things about working in social media is how varied my skill set is, it keeps it fun and challenging.

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