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New product launches

As soon as we stepped out onto that rooftop in Downtown LA and saw the vision come to life we knew this was gonna be massive.
Ensuring the smooth-running of the day as well as social media responsibilities I'm used to such as Behind -the-Scenes and TikTok content - seeing how successful this product launch has been for LullaBellz is major proud moment for me and the team.

Social Content

Social media coverage on a shoot this big is vital for e-commerce brands, it’s a high pressure day but it’s always so worth it. It was an amazing challenge for me to assist with producing and coordinating the running of the shoot.

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A Can-Do Attitude

The incredible creative team at LullaBellz had envisioned a custom sneaker for the shoot (it's all in the details, right?) but with our jam packed schedule, we couldn't find any custom sneaker artist that would turn our request around in time.

Equipped with the custom fabric samples I had printed, a pair of Nikes, fabric glue and a TikTok how-to DIY video, I got to work! It was fun to get crafty and I was so pleased to deliver this for LullaBellz.

This is what I mean when I say I have a can-do attitude.

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