Hey, I'm Mabel

So I'm Mabel, I'm from the UK, I studied Marketing and Business in London, and I'm one of those people thats addicted to social media and doesn't intend on changing. I like to think it's justified since it's my job too. I'm currently living and working out in Dubai, spending far too long on Instagram than the recommended daily amount. I'm a passionate story-teller and content creator, it's my career as well as my hobby. 

Welcome to my blog, which I creatively named after myself, Mabel Goulden. This is where you'll find my personal written work, but my portfolio spans across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. I love to blog as often as I can, but you can find me on my other social channels nearly every second of every day.


I cover a lot on here, anything thats going on in my head generally spills onto this blog, but in simple terms I'm here to talk about fashion. That doesn't mean I'm not going to talk about beauty, travel, lifestyle, whatever else as well - I'm making the rules up as I go, okay?


There's a few reason I started my blog, one of them was definitely to indulge in my fashion addiction. [warning: cringe ahead] Another reason is I really want to inspire confidence in people to be more experimental with how they dress. There's really nothing worse than when I hear people say they "couldn't pull that off" or "could never wear anything like that". I definitely used to be one of those people. Wear what you want, be a different person everyday. Getting dressed in the morning can be fun.

Thank you for reading - while you're here have a good old stalk.

If you're stalking me and thinking "Wow looks fun I wanna start a blog!!" - I've got a message for you so click here.