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OOTD: Ready for Dim Sum Disco Brunch

Growing up in the UK, I'd usually be thrilled that this week marks August. After living in Dubai for over a year I now dread high summer. I may have fallen out of love with this month but I'm definitely still obsessed with all the summer dresses that come with the season.

Mixing red and pink is a topic that comes up quite frequently on fashion blogs, and not in a negative way as you might think. I'm pretty sure I have made it clear in previous posts how much I love the colour combination. I'm also very impressed with how unapologetically girly a lot of the popular styles are right now. When I was an angsty teenager I think I would have been repulsed by some of the puffed-sleeved, floral, and ruffled dresses in summer 2019. But anyway, 21-year-old me is living for the girly-ness. At least 5-year-old me would be impressed.

Dress by Finder's Keepers via Namshi.

Even though today's summery dress barely saw the sunlight for more than a few minutes - that's how long I could stand the 50 degree weather to take these pictures - I enjoyed feeling that glam high-summer feeling even indoors.

A dress like this does not need much else, but as a rule I generally like to over-do it. So I paired it with a tiny marabou feather style bag, some pearl earrings and left it there, although it was hard for me not to add a gold hairclip too.

For shoes I went for my go-to brunch shoes, these nude pumps by Miss Selfridge.

FIVE Palm Jumeriah has got to be the hotel with the most instagrammable spots per square metre in the whole of Dubai. The view is insane yes, but even every marble corner and high-ceiling stairway and gold elevator is actually beautiful.

Thank you for reading and be sure to watch the Get Ready With Me video on my IGTV x



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