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Vacay Wardrobe: Outfit No. 1

We touched down in Phuket at 6am, and by 9am I was in the hotel lobby wearing the dress I'd been saving for the trip. It's by Asos Design which is always a safe bet for dresses, plus I love that it's linen rather than polyester.

Another unnecessary yet totally necessary purchase solely for this trip is this bag Zara. I spent aaaages looking for the perfect beach bag and I went for this one as I love that it's a bit more structured and boxy, meaning I could also pair with jeans and a t-shirt and use it when I'm away from the beach (which is rare but still).

Me and my flatmate both have these Asos Design pearl drop earrings, we both wear them most days to the office and neither of us care that we're twinning because we like them so much. Super cute and go with everything.

The shoes little brown slip-on sandals I wore got left behind at the elephant sanctuary later in the trip, so I'll have to re-buy them. I got them from Ella at Namshi. As for the sunnies, they were an Asos sale bargain, and it's fair to say I've definitely got my £2.50's worth as I've worn them so much.

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